the confession 

I pulled the trigger
I warned him but he never listened
Sitting here laughing hysterically
Bordering on the psychotic
I’m happy now but they think I’m insane
They would never understand
I see them shaking their heads
Putting me in handcuffs
While he lay in his own pool of blood
I was once weak but now I’m not
He went down by his own revolver
I woke up and i knew
That someone was gonna get hurt
I decided that someone wasnt going to be me
I’ve had enough this time, i said
There was a dark cloud over our heads
The sun was about to leave the sky for the day
And he was just there

I picked it up from where it flew after he knocked her out
I never knew i could use a gun
I laughed and kept pulling on the trigger
Until the magazine ran out
All rounds lodged in his now bloodied chest
And even then i kept clicking
And laughing
And laughing
And laughing
Tears flowing down
Spittle flying out
Bloodshot eyes
But damn, i did it, i saved us
They never came once to help us
But now they hurry to take me out
Who cares if i end up in the asylum
I finally did something for her
I finally protected her
My daughter
Now he can never lay another hand on her


This just in

​Like a deer chased by the king 

She rushed in

A loud clap and a finger snap

“I got news” she says 

Smacking her lips we realized that this must be a juicy one 

” Y’all don’t know wassup” she continued 

By then we’d gathered 

Flipping her hair to the right and to the left 

We knew she’d always been so dramatic 

Taking little things too extreme and being so unbearably eratic

But then 30% of what she said were true 

“I heard things…didn’t believe till i seen them with my own eyes”…

And after weeks of boredom we itched for any form of news 

Not expecting what next she was gonna do

We knew it was our cue

“Calm down and speak up babe” Trisha said 

“Yo what’s got you tied up” Amy added 

And for the first time in all the years we known her…

She listened and sat down, took a deep breath and laid her head in her palms 

This just got real…

Lifting her head she said….

And to our surprise we only saw truth in her eyes…

“Girls he’s back, the old man’s here” 

Imagine the shock when just at that moment we looked up and saw a figure at the door

Just standing there…

change comes slowly 

Or does it?
One day we were lovers
The next we couldn’t even bear each other’s sight
Does it really?
Cause one day you were near
And the next you were gone
How slow was that
One moment we laughed
The next “we” died
One second we touched
The next we stabbed
One second you were mine
The next you were not
One moment on my grind
The next on the ground
I took the tag off my heart
And made it priceless
Because change comes slowly
Or does it?

Authors Note

I don’t think I know what I’m doing anymore
I believed the voices calling me talented
But now I think they are just mere voices bringing up
My past glory but not what I can do now
I feel sorry
My throat feels sore
My hands feel numb
Everyday writer’s block
Everyday meaner critics knock
I can’t write again
I’ve lost my talent
I used to write for me , now I write for us
I used to write about me, now I write about them
I never imagined that something I loved
Would give me so much hurt and worry
I want to relearn the way
I want to re earn the praise
Because now I feel less than the least
Because I know I’m not done putting my best

More talents coming
Talent scouts leaving
Their boards filled with names
But mine is missing
What is my purpose if
The only thing I know how
To do becomes worthless
I was so close
To fame and it all
So close to riches and fake friends
“The dream”
But now I’m spiralling down
Loosing competitions I always won before
I have to once more be a victor
I have to rise up again
I have to win again
If not for the fame, for myself
If not to win the game, to win back myself
I have to believe in myself
I have to write for myself
I have to push those senseless critics behind me
I have to believe in my mind
In the pen my creator
Deemed fit to place in my hands
I have to pick up my pad
Clear off the dust and
I indeed have to…
Write my wrongs…

Come to daddy

Broken ribs and a broken neck
Muscular dystrophy and a partially twisted soul
Beautiful mind and still perfect you
You say “come to daddy” and gimme a hug too
Your bruises i wish i could heal
Your karate tournaments for you i wish i could win
Drive safe dont die on me
You’re so reckless
and you drive like a mad man on the run
I miss you much and i miss the crazy life
Wats the name you say
With a cocky grin and your signature wink
Big daddy i reply
Head bent with a shy smile
My very own rock
Partners in crime
Years passed and today i heard your voice
I thought you wouldn’t remember
I thought i was a lost memory
But boy did you say
Come to daddy

A Saint

​Even with glasses I still feel blind 

If I wasn’t I would have noticed 

If I wasn’t, definitely I would’ve seen, 

I made stupid excuses for you 

I made assumptions sometimes and 

I was ever so sure i knew where 

You’d have been 

I couldn’t see you but rest assured 

I searched for you through the crowd 

Always I  searched for you 

It was an unhealthy obsession 

You said I had eyes only for him  but 

In the midst of it all I searched for you 

I wondered where you were even though 

I couldn’t see you 

You were always beside me but I was blind to it

Binoculars and night vision goggles 

Didn’t help me at all 

In the midst of a crowd I tried to stand 

On mountains steep and tall 

Just so I could locate you 

When I couldn’t find you I made you the enemy 

No amount of supplication could remedy 

The guilt and undeserved anger I placed on you 

You were always on my side beside me 

I never knew and I made you the bad guy 

The simner and all along you were…

A Saint